Facts About Nevada ``Animal Cruelty`` Laws

There are lots of people who are ignorant of laws that are guiding the welfare of animals in Nevada. This is a very important subject that you need to really understand in order to avoid facing the wrath of the law. This post will be helping to reveal some of the most vital aspects of Nevada laws about animal cruelty. Ensure to read the details from start to finish since it will enable you understand what the laws of Nevada actually frowns at with regards to how animals are handled.

The legal meaning of animal cruelty

In line with NRS 574.100 of Nevada law, animal cruelty has been committed when someone neglects, abuses or even torture an animal that is supposed to be treated as companion. Examples of animals that can make you guilty of this crime are dogs and cats.

Forms of Animal Cruelty

According to the laws of Nevada, animal cruelty can take various forms such as killing, mutilating or maiming an animal. Also, you will be guilty of this crime when you beat, kill or abandon an animal. Furthermore, it can also be said to have been committed when an animal is being deprived of food.  


Restraining a dog for more than 14 hours daily isn’t allowed by the law. Also, try to avoid those collars and leashes that can bring about possible injuries. Other ways that you can be guilty of animal cruelty offense is poisoning an animal or getting them sold once they’re disabled and making them participate in exhibits and contests that are harmful.

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Animal Cruelty Penalties

The above forms of animal cruelty can be seen by the law as misdemeanour and you can be imprisoned for about 2days – 6 months in a facility such as Clark County Detention Center. There is also punishment in the form of community service which can last for 48 hours – 120 hours. It can also attract fines which range from around $200 – $1000. These are penalties when such crime is committed for the first time in 7years.


When there is another violation within such a timeframe (7years), the penalties will be increased even though it is seen as a case of misdemeanour. Imprisonment can be from 10days – 6months, fines will be from $500 – $1000 and there will be community service which won’t be over 200 hours but not lesser than 100 hours.


If the crime is committed for the third time within such timeframe (7 years), the defendant will face 1 – 5 years imprisonment. There is also a fine of maximum $10,000. This crime will be grouped under category C felony.

What are the Defenses?

Crimes related to animal cruelty are taken seriously by Nevada law. This is perhaps why you will need a professional attorney. There are lots of ways such a professional can be of great help when it comes to proving your innocence in the court of law. These could be:


  • Proving that your actions were in self – defense
  • Proving you had no intention of killing the animal
  • Showing that such animal is protected by Nevada law