Facts About Nevada Mayhem Laws

There have been lots of arguments regarding Nevada mayhem laws in relation to what kind of punishment it can attract. This is one topic that is broad and sensitive which is perhaps why you need to be enlightened about mayhem laws in Nevada. There is no better place to learn about such than here since this post will be explaining in details every fact about mayhem laws in Nevada.

Legal definition of mayhem

According to the law of Nevada, mayhem is the act of disfiguring someone’s body or having to render the body of a person useless. In a nutshell, mayhem has been committed when you disfigure the body of someone. Some of the instances where you can be guilty of this crime are:

  • Gouging the eye of someone
  • Having the tongue of someone disabled
  • Biting off the lip, ear, or nose of someone
  • Disabling someone’s limb
  • and others


Mayhem in Nevada comes under 3 categories. These are N.R.S. 200.300, N.R.S. 200.290, and N.R.S. 200.280. They are different laws addressing cases related to mayhem. If you are being charged with such a crime, it is very vital that you have an in-depth understanding about what each of them entails.

Subcategories of Mayhem

According to the laws of Nevada, mayhem is a serious crime. It comes under category B felony in line with stipulations of N.R.S. 200.280 and can attract a jail term of 2 -10 years. There is also a fine of up to around $10,000.


Although that is the maximum number of years a defendant is likely to face when charged with mayhem, it may increase. This can happen when there are other offenses alongside the mayhem charge like homicide offense (attempted).


According to N.R.S. 200.290, before a defendant will be found guilty of mayhem, the law expects the prosecutor to provide concrete evidence that the loss in such part of the body has occurred. The law doesn’t take into consideration how such loss has occurred though.


It is also explained in N.R.S. 200.300 that a defendant can’t be convicted of mayhem when it has been determined that the injury sustained by the victim isn’t going to bring about permanent disfigurement. In other words, the injury or loss of body parts isn’t permanent. In such an instance, you could face the punishments associated with assault.

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Is there any further punishment?

Based on the above, it is possible that you may not be convicted of mayhem most especially when the injury caused won’t bring about a permanent loss in any part of the body. However, you could still get convicted of a crime thereby facing penalties.

Can an Attorney Help?

Cases related to mayhem can be very complicated which is why the experience of an attorney with a proven record can help you. Such a professional will represent you aggressively thereby ensuring that every charge against you is dismissed. The reason for this is that an experienced attorney understands the mayhem laws of Nevada and will know how to prove your innocence.