Facts About Nevada Robbery Charges

Robbery is a crime which is taken seriously according to Nevada law. This means that someone who is found to be guilty of it could face being sentenced to jail for several years. This post will be providing a comprehensive explanation about Nevada robbery charges.

Meaning of Robbery

According to the law of Nevada, robbery has been committed by someone who decides to take the property belonging to another person in an unlawful way. It could be through threats of injury, force or violence. A perfect example can be breaking into someone’s house and forcefully taking some items. Robbery is a crime which is categorized under category B felony.

Are there any defenses to robbery?

According to the Nevada robbery law, someone who has been accused of committing robbery can’t be convicted without evidence or proof. The legal as well as factual defenses which can be raised against an individual are countless. However, they can depend on both the accused person and the situation at hand. Through such, defenses can either increase or reduce the charges during trial.


Just as it is difficult for a suspect to be identified by others, that is how the prosecution may find it difficult proving beyond every reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of robbery crime. In a situation whereby the state can’t prove that a threat of violence, force or violence was used by the defendant, it means robbery didn’t take place. The defendant will then be acquitted.


The above is a typical example of the fact that a robbery case can be won most especially when you have the right attorney who will help in providing evidence that is in your favor. Such a professional can provide the following defenses:


  • The defendant has been accused falsely
  • It was never the intention of the defendant to take such property
  • The defendant never made use of force, violence or threat of violence

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Is there any penalty for Nevada robbery?

When a defendant is found guilty of robbery, he can face from 2 – 15 years imprisonment. Also, if he happens to be in possession of a weapon (deadly), the sentence can be doubled by the judge. When a weapon is involved, such can attract decades of imprisonment as stipulated by the Nevada robbery law.

Are there other factors that can determine the prison term?

Just as explained above, the serving time can be extended by the judge when there is a deadly weapon involved in the robbery case as used by the defendant. There are other factors that can still influence such a time. These could be:


  • The extent to which the victim has been injured
  • The defendant’s criminal history
  • Mitigating factors

Is there any plea?

There are instances when a defense attorney may be ready to get such robbery charge lowered to a minor offense. This depends on the circumstances though. For instance, if he can show that a physical contact which is unlawful has been committed by the defendant which isn’t categorized as theft, such charge may be lowered to battery thereby attracting lesser punishment.