Always listen to your attorney. If you are in a position where police are asking you questions, even if you feel that you have done nothing wrong (and you may not have), always ask for an attorney.


Even when the police may say that you don’t want to do that, just ask. Asking for an attorney is the magic sentence that ends questions. Speak to an attorney and we can put it in words so that no matter what, you are going to come out better.


Now if you already talked, that changes things. Then we just have to be able to craft defense around what was already said.

It depends on where it is and what type of case. If there are blood tests required, it would require those coming back from the labs. If it is a breath test, they go a bit faster. All of the jurisdictions have misdemeanors have up to a year to be filed and felonies have up to 3 years to file.


In that regard, A misdemeanor can be filed in 3 to 6 months and can be resolved probably within 4 to 8 months afterwards. Long story short, things can be sped up or slowed down with an attorney. Without an attorney, you will be at the mercy of the court on the proceedings.

Battery and domestic violence cases can do a lot. In a situation where people are arguing and one person calls the police thinking it is going to calm down the situation. Unfortunately, the police do not always calm down the situation, they come to arrest.


Often they are required to arrest the aggressor even if the person calling doesn’t want them too. In those cases, we can sometimes get cooperation from the victim (partner) and come to an agreement that is better for the client. It depends on the case, but there can be a lot more done in battery type cases.

Criminal history can really come back to bite. It’s important to be able to have people take the point of view that is necessary. Yes, you may have a history but you have to turn the prosecutors or people who are in charge of giving out the sentencing to the positive aspects.


Often times prosecutors just have a piece of paper with a charge and they don’t know anything about you. Without an advocate, you have very little chance of them knowing much more about why your certain situation should require reduced sentencing and/or reduced fines.

When you’ve practiced law in Vegas for 10+ years and handled thousands of cases, you’ve appeared in front of everybody. The most important thing that I’ve learned, is that your reputation follows you.


I always come prepared and I always come well presented. Because of that, my arguments carry more weight and when I need something and am pressing forward for it, they can guage that is of great importance.

That depends. Usually it is not advised to take a settlement in the very beginning of a case proceeding. It’s a good idea to speak to an attorney like myself to find out what strategy is best. You could be leaving a lot of money on the table by taking a settlement early. Call me to discuss before speaking to the insurance company or accepting a settlement.

That depends. It depends on the facts and it depends on the case. I equate money to time, if it takes more time to defend your case, it costs more if it takes less time, it costs less. The most imporant thing a client should consider, is not the cost of the attorney, but what is their experience and results.


There are factors that we do not control, like the judge and the public attorney, but knowing the parameters you can do a lot in the middle. I can’t snap my fingers and make something go away, but I can snap my fingers and have someone look at something differently and in the way in needs to be spun. Lawyers aren’t magicians, but we’re good tacticians.

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