Hidden Facts ``Child Abuse, Neglect & Endangerment`` Laws in Nevada

Most people in Nevada believe that every act of child abuse has to be violent before they can be punished by the law. This isn’t the case according to Nevada law on issues related to child abuse, neglect and engagement. The major aim of this post will be to have you enlightened about this subject and also the possible penalties which it can attract once you are found to be guilty.

Their Legal Meanings

It is important to understand the meanings of these terms so as to have a proper understanding about what the law expects of you.  


Child abuse is an action that is carried out to harm a child. Such harm doesn’t have to be just physical as it can also be emotional. It can affect the child’s future in a negative way. Some typical examples of child abuse are sexual or hitting the child


Child endangerment is defined by the law of Nevada to mean actions that endanger a child’s life. Such an action could be as a result of negligence or indifference. A typical example of this crime is failure to feed a child.


Child endangerment is a situation where a child is exposed to conditions that are likely to bring about mental or physical injury. A typical example is not looking after the child’s wellbeing. In such an instance, the child starts looking for other means to survive.

Are there any penalties for this crime?

Crimes that fall under child abuse, neglect & endangerment can be seen as misdemeanour, felony and others according to the laws of Nevada. For instance, it will be seen as gross misdemeanor when you strike the child but there is no injury sustained. Conversely, you could likely face a jail term of 2 – 20 years when such a strike brings about substantial bodily harm in the child.


Another instance where you can be guilty of child abuse is when you’ve been put in charge of a child’s welfare. However, you failed to protect such child from an impending danger.


When this crime is related to sexual abuse, it can be seen as felony according to the Nevada law. It is the most serious amongst others and is likely to attract life imprisonment.

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What are the Defenses?

There are times when you could be accused falsely of crimes related to child abuse, neglect and endangerment. If you’re found guilty, you may be punished as explained above. This is why the help of an experienced attorney can’t be ignored. There are lots of strategies that a professional attorney can make use of in ensuring that such charges against you are dismissed. These could be


  • Convincing the jury that your actions were by accident
  • Proving that the allegations against you are false and without concrete evidence
  • Proving that your actions were carried out for the purpose of self – defense
  • Trying to convince the court that you were only trying to instil discipline in such child