Nevada ``Elder Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation & Isolation``

It has been discovered that the issue of elder abuse is becoming a major concern in Nevada. This is in the form of financial exploitation, neglect, exploitation and isolation. In order to ensure that vulnerable adults are protected, there are laws formulated. The major aim of this post is to ensure that the various aspects of these laws are revealed to help you have an in – depth understanding of the subject matter.

What is the meaning?

According to the law of Nevada, elder abuse is the act of taking advantage of an older person through one means or the other. When someone is accused of this crime, it simply means there is an attempt to take undue advantage of an elderly person. This could be in form of intimidation, deception, trying to covet an elderly person’s asset, property or money.


It can also be seen as an unjustified and wilful infliction of pain, injury, mental anguish on an elderly person. Elder abuse could also come in the form of food, clothing or shelter deprivation of an aged person. People who are qualified to be protected by this law of Nevada are individuals that are over 60 years of age. There are cases where abuse of elders or disabled adults will be seen as domestic violence by the law.

What are penalties for this crime?

For a case that is related to elder abuse, isolation or neglect; gross misdemeanor is what you will be charged with. This can attract a jail term of 1 year and $2000 fine. It is also possible for the defendant to be ordered by the court to compensate (restitution) the affected victim as part of such sentence.


When the abuse results in substantial bodily harm, there could be more serious punishments. Even when the adult doesn’t suffer physical injury but has been affected mentally, such can also attract penalties that are more serious. A crime like this is grouped under category B felony. This can lead to years of imprisonment and thousands of dollars as fine.


Another instance that can make such a crime to be seen as category B felony is when the defendant has been formerly convicted of the same crime in the past.


The penalties which exploitation of older persons will attract always vary. It depends on how much has been stolen from the victim.

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What are the Nevada elder abuse defenses?

Cases related to elder abuse, isolation and neglect are considered to be very serious in Nevada. If you aren’t careful enough, there is every chance that you could be accused falsely and convicted eventually. This is why the experience of an attorney can’t be ignored.


Through the strategies adopted by such professional, charges against you can be dismissed. Some of these strategies are:

  • Proving to the court that allegations against you are either false or have been exaggerated
  • Providing evidence that your actions are either based on protecting someone else or carried out in self – defense
  • Proving that the injuries have been accidentally inflicted
  • Showing that your actions were carried out based on ignorance